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One-Skein Wonders for Babies

I am most excited to be a part of the new One-Skein Wonders Book!

Author and knitter Judith Durant's new One-Skein Wonders book is a collection of 101 original knitting projects for babies and toddlers. Each design uses ONLY one skein of yarn. From mittens and hats to tees, sweaters, hoodies, pants, dresses, socks and booties, you will find the perfect wearable for every child and every occasion.  All your baby and toddler knit patterns are in one book!

The Perfect Baby Bib and Lizzy Janes are my two original designs included in the new One-Skein Wonders book.  

Even though this is the 3rd One-Skein Wonders book that I am honored to have patterns in, I have never considered myself a designer.  That ability kicks in only when I can't find the perfect pattern for that special someone.  Sometimes a design just happens, like The Perfect Baby Bib!  It's an easy knit and it was easy to write the pattern.  Other times, it's a long process and the writing of the pattern is a long and arduous journey.  I thought you might like to know the inspiration and beginnings of these two patterns.

Lizzy Janes - a cute little pair of Mary Janes that has no seaming.  Truly, there is no seam. You can even use the tail end of the yarn to sew the button on!  This pattern came about thanks to sweet Evie!

We have a beautiful new granddaughter named Evelyn Grace.

I wanted to knit several pairs of Mary Janes for Evie as any grandmother who knits would want to do!  I looked at many, many patterns.  All of them had at least one seam to finish - down the middle of the bottom of the foot or up the back of the heel.  Seaming is a task no knitter wants to do for a handknit item.  Having crocheted many pairs of Mary Janes and understanding the construction, I knew there had to be a way to knit them that didn't have to be seamed.  I could see it in my mind.  I was on a mission to figure out a way to design them without a seam. It didn't take long before the pattern was a reality and Lizzy Janes were born.  The pattern is sized for newborns but can easily be adjusted.

Lizzy Janes

The Perfect Baby Bib

In 2007, Joe and I were in the middle of a major move.  We had experienced 
Hurricane Rita and lost our home along with pretty much everything inside.  We rebuilt the house and promptly sold it.  Joe retired and we decided to move to Texas, my home state.  We were in that in-between place of having moved out of the old house but the new house wasn't ready for another 6 weeks.  So in August, in Texas, we were in an efficiency hotel/motel passing the time until we could move into the new house.  There was one chair in our hotel room, so we would take turns between the chair and sitting on the bed.  We would get out in the mornings for shopping and entertainment (the museums were a favorite place) since it would get so hot later in the day.  In the afternoons, we were back at the hotel staying cool.  I had brought knitting to help me pass the time, of course, but Joe was not a happy camper.  Luckily, our grandson, Jayden and his teething came to our (my) rescue.  My daughter called with a request for teething bibs as he was drooling on all his shirts.  After purchasing several colors of cotton yarn, I got Joe interested in knitting bibs in the afternoons.  Joe is a good knitter when he has a project to hold his interest.  He thought it was cool to knit some bibs.

Joe was very creative with his bibs, knitting different stitch patterns and cables.  Sometimes his "colorful" exclamations at cables that didn't want to cooperate were quite entertaining for me!  I enjoyed stockinette bibs with a garter edge in different colors.  After about 4 bibs, I grew tired of knitting the ties and wondered why a bib couldn't just slip over the head?  It would be simple to knit a simple pullover design in ribbing and then bind off stitches to knit just the bib.  The idea worked well and knit up quickly and easily.  Pam loved them!  An original design was born!

Happy Knitting to all.  I know you will enjoy this new One-Skein Wonders for Babies!

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